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Take Surveys For Cash
-> Earn up to $500 a day
-> E-mail invites
-> Hundreds of surveys available
-> Up to $50 per paid survey
-> Members Area
-> Jason made $274,000 from surveys
nono9.7 out of 10

#2Gold Opinions
-> Thousands of high paying surveys
-> Get paid via paypal, check or wire
-> $8M have been paid to members
-> $30/ per hour on focus group and panels
-> $15-$30 for 30-45 minute surveys
-> $5 dollars for 10-15 minute surveys
-> $50 for premium surveys
yesno8.8 out of 10

#3Click 4 Surveys
-> Get paid for your opinion
-> $5 - $75 per paid survey
-> Get paid via paypal or bank wire
-> Everybody can join
-> Members area available
-> Sample survey on the homepage
noyes7.9 out of 10

#4Get Cash For Surveys
-> Owner has years of experience in paid surveys
-> Sample survey available on the page
-> Will also show you how to get paid for reviews
-> They also have a members area
-> Get paid in USD or your currency
noyes7.3 out of 10

#5Paid Surveys At Home
-> $20 for a 20 minute survey possible
-> Earnings calculator on the page
-> Phone surveys available
-> Preview new movie trailers
-> Try new products and keep them
-> Participate in focus groups
yesno6.9 out of 10

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Table of Contents

01. Survey Money With “Surveys Paid”
02. Who Fills out Surveys?
03. Research for Multi-Billion Companies Pays
04. How Can I Make Money With Surveys?
05. Survey Money With “Paid Surveys at Home”
06. Availability
07. Cost and Risks
08. Convenience
09. Survey Money With “Get Cash For Surveys”
10. How doeas it work?
11. The Survey Taker Must be Legitimate With Their Efforts

Survey Money With “Surveys Paid”

Survey MoneyWhether it’s a full income or just a little boost you’re looking for, has the system for you. Simply by answering brief, easy surveys, you can make hundreds off of major companies looking for consumer opinions.

Large and small companies annually spend many millions of dollars on market research to discover what the public is interested in. The most effective way for them to find this information is with Surveyspaid and individual, honest responses.

Who Fills out Surveys?

This is where you come in, and you can go to to register for free to sign up to share your experiences and preferences so that multi-billion dollar companies can research and design products that people will buy. These are American companies, and they pay in the form of checks that are sent to your home to fill out surveys, answer emails or be a secret shopper.

  1. These surveys or secret shoppers are not on a strict schedule, so they can be completed at the surveyors’ convenience.
  2. The stress level is low because there are no nagging bosses or deadlines to meet. Anyone, young or old, male or female, part-time ore full-time can participate in surveyspaid.

Research for Multi-Billion Companies Pays

These companies need your opinion, so they can improve their products and design new ones. They value the opinions that they receive on surveys, and spend millions of dollars for honest, completed surveys. Since you are ultimately helping them to make more money, they are willing to pay for your help. You can take as many surveys as you want at Each survey is paid separately.

How Can I Make Money With Surveys?

SurveysPaid is a unique link to the appropriate companies. They will connect each applicant with hundreds of research companies, not only in the U.S., but also in other countries. They are looking for Americans to get their opinions on their products. Some products like computers, household products or electronics will be sent to your home to be tried and reported on. The surveyor then keeps the product, and you are paid instantly no matter where you are in the world.

  • SurveysPaid is a fantastic way to make money in your spare time or as a consistent inflow of cash. You have fun working at home, and you are paid in cash with extra benefits and rewards.
  • If you are sick of the 9-5, daily grind, is the perfect solution to getting paid while working at home.
  • Included is a 60 day money back guarantee, to try Surveyspaid, and if you do not feel free to write your own check, will refund your one-time access fee.
  • There are 1000’s of surveys available right now, so register today and get started making money!

Need a little income boost? Paid Surveys at Home has one of the farthest reaching client bases in Surveys Moneythe entire industry and lets you set your own schedule. After all, your opinions are valuable!

Survey Money With “Paid Surveys at Home”

Many people have hectic schedules and cannot commit to a set schedule for work. Whether you are a college student or stay at home mom, there is a way to make money from the comfort of your own home. is a great way to stay home while earning money on your opinions.


Numerous companies are looking for opinions in several areas. Paid-surveys-at-home is not just strictly surveys. While a large amount of work done are surveys on the computer, there are other forms of opinion. Several companies rely on focus groups in order to evaluate their market. There are some needs for simple phone surveys. There are millions of products that need to be reviewed. Many companies will send out free samples of items to try and then evaluate. Not only do you make money, but you also get free items. One other area in need of opinions, is movie trailers.

Cost and Risks

There are several stay at home opportunities require startup costs, specialized training and even quotas to meet. With paid-surveys-at-home you don’t have to worry about any of those things. There is no costs or training to participate in surveys. No specified skills are needed to succeed in this type of work. There are no quotas to meet, such as, completely a certain amount of surveys per day. The only costs you have is an internet connection and computer. Other companies require special equipment or phone systems in order to speak to customers. You don’t have to worry about being on a call while the kids are running around playing. The risks and costs while working with paid-surveys-at-home are nonexistent.


Probably the best advantage of paid-surveys-at-home is the convenience. Several people need Survey cashto earn a little cash to get through the month and surveys are the best option. You can work as much or little as you want. So if you need cash one month and not the other, there are no required amount of hours. Students have a heavy work load while in school, why not take some survey in between classes or at night for some spending money. Every mother is swamped with activities with their kids. It’s hard to find consistent times to make money, with, you can make money during naps, playtime or even during the nights. You have no boss and no one to answer to.

Paid-surveys-at-home is a stress-free way to make extra cash. It doesn’t get easier than working when and where you want.

Survey Money With “Get Cash For Surveys”

The information gathered by businesses, universities and even the government is very valuable to them … and they’re willing to pay for it! Gary Mitchell, a single dad making $3,000 a month from paid surveys, shares his secrets for finding these opportunities.

When people first hear about the getcashforsurveys website,, they feel as though they have found something too good to be true. There are certainly many websites promising easy cash in exchange for filling out surveys from the comfort of ones own home, and many of these websites leave a lot much to be desired. This review is going to take a very honest look at the getcashforsurveys system in order to help the reader be able to understand what he or she should expect upon joining. A closer look at the site does tend to reveal something with a bit more to offer than the average survey site.

How doeas it work?

Survey Money OnlineWith many sites, people complain that they never get to the actual surveys. With the getcashforsurveys website, this is not the case. It is important to be honest and note that the person wanting to earn money from surveys is going to have to follow the most recent website requirements for memberships and actually join the website as a full fledged member. Once the user becomes a getcashforsurveys member, they are introduced to the actual members area. This is the part of the site that actually has surveys to fill out in exchange for money and other rewards.

The Survey Taker Must be Legitimate With Their Efforts

It is also important to note that one cannot simply become a member in hopes of lazily breezing through surveys and raking in cash. Despite what some competitors might promise, this is not the way that a legitimate survey website works! Legitimate survey websites, that actually link users up with paying survey sources, expect to be dealing with legitimate survey takers! This means that the user will have to take the time to be legitimate and honest as they fill out their surveys. Also note that the most rewarding surveys will not be offered over night. The people running getcashforsurveys know that they need to save the most rewarding gigs for full fledged members that have stuck with things and proven to be legitimate web survey takers. People that expect to be a money tree that they can easily shake at their will might be a bit disappointed. So at the end of the day what is the hard truth about the getcashforsurveys system? The hard truth is that there IS survey money to be made, but the user has to take the site seriously, join, and put forth the effort if they would like to earn a little extra spending money through the system.